The Suh Cho Dong Nambu bus terminal - the largest in South Korea, the Kyung Bu highway, the Suh Cho interchange and the Nambu ring/circle road are also easily accessible from The Friend Hotel providing transportation advantages for both tourists and business visitors alike.

At The Friend, visitors will experience first-rate hospitality and service in the surroundings of this newly renovated and decorated Hotel and be able to relax in one of the 60 comfortable and refined guest-rooms.

Guest-rooms with traditional Korean heated floors are available and the hotel offers services such as a Song Juk restaurant, a cafe and a Korean-Room club where customers can be joyfully entertained and delighted.

At the Friend Hotel, every effort is made to serve our guests in the warm hearted and caring manner of a friendly neighbour.

The Friend Hotel offers reservation and customer service through our Web Site at <> where customers can access information about the hotel and additional tourist information.